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Rodney King Cause of Death: Drugs, Alcohol, State of Delirium


The body of Rodney King was discovered at the bottom of a pool by his fiancee last month, with the cause of death listed as “accidental drowning.” That may technically still be the case, but the official death report has come out and it’s undeniable now that the man whose 1991 beating sparked riots in Los Angeles stumbled to his demise at the result of numerous substances in his body.

Rodney King Dead at 47


Rodney King, whose beating by L.A. police in 1991 was caught on tape and sparked riots after the acquittal of the officers involved, was found dead Sunday. He was found in his swimming pool, local authorities said.

Rodney King Charged Following DUI Arrest


Rodney King has been charged with misdemeanor DUI, according to reports. Stemming from his arrest July 12 in Riverside County, Calif., King was charged after officers claim they witnessed Rodney committing “multiple infractions.” Police eventually suspected he was under the influence and arrested him. King told CNN he was under the influence of a “medical marijuana prescription.” Rodney King was added to our celebrity mugshots gallery shortly thereafter.