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Sources Confirm: Brooke Muller Moves in with Charlie Sheen!


We were going to include the following story in our LOL category, but it’s really more tragic than funny… A day after sources claimed Brooke Mueller was seriously considering a move into Charlie Sheen’s neighborhood, a new report has surfaced that does the former allegation one better: Mueller has moved back IN with her ex-husband! From dreams to nightmares to..

Kim Kardashian Sucks at Bowling

Kim Kardashian may have suffered through a staged brawl late last week, but the contrived incident didn’t get in the way of what this professional celebrity does best: Stand around at public events in attire that calls attention to her cleavage. Kim took this act to a new level at Foxwoods Casino on Saturday night, stepping up to a bowling lane in Louboutin pumps and a dress that was tighter than Lil Wayne’s prison cell . We’ve never seen her look so unsure in the presence of balls before…

Keep It Classy Amanda Bynes

On Saturday Amanda Bynes sent a simple Tweet to the masses: “I don’t love acting anymore so I’ve stopped doing it.” The announcement shocked many of her fans and friends, many of whom said she never discussed the move before. Amanda has been acting since she was a child, including her own show The Amanda Show a starring role on one of my all time favorite sitcoms What I Like About You and in various fun, lighthearted films, including What A Girl Wants, Sydney White and She’s The Man. Bynes is a certifiable hottie, but she circumvented the typical sex pot roles offered to Hollywood’s hot girls club and more importantly she didn’t become the child star who becomes the crazy addict looking to shock the paparazzi and for that I’ll truly miss her presence on the Hollywood scene.