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Did Naya Rivera Get A Boob Job??! YOU Decide!

We’re not sure whether Naya Rivera actually got a boob boost from a plastic surgeon or if she’s just wearing a REALLY padded top in this Instagram pic (above). It’s hard for us to imagine someone so gorgeous getting cosmetic surgery, but the Glee sweetheart definitely wouldn’t be the first! What do YOU think??

EL James on Fifty Shades of Grey Research: Brutal!


It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it, and Fifty Shades of Grey author EL James said she did exhaustive “research” for the best-selling erotic novel in which many of her own sexual fantasies actually appear on paper. “It was a very considered study ,” James joked the explicit sex in her books during the latest stop on her book tour. “My husband still rolls his eyes and says ‘God, what do we gotta do now?’ He was very cooperative.” “Fundamentally for me it’s still a love story,” she notes

Republican Debate Smackdown: Ron Paul vs. Michele Bachmann


Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney lead the polls, and Rick Perry may generate the best sound bites (“best” as in most entertaining, if not intelligent), but Ron Paul proved at last night’s Republican debate that he’s still a force to be reckoned with. Never one to bend to party orthodoxy, Paul took issue with rival Michele Bachmann’s stance toward Iran and its nuclear program, advocating anti-engagement policies that make the Texas Congressman an anathema to many in the GOP, yet wildly popular with others.  Watch the heated exchange below: GOP Debate: Paul vs. Bachmann

Charlie Sheen priming for a run at president?

Image Charlie-Sheen.jpg

(HMG Celebrity News) – Charlie Sheen couldn’t win custody back of his kids based on the strength of his character versus his ex who is a habitual drug addict, but he’s considering running for president.  Only in America.  Yesterday as you probably know Charlie spent his day in LA trying to gain fully custody of his young twin boys away from their mother Brooke Mueller who is back in rehab for the umpth-teen time.  Despite Brooke being a complete wreck the judge took one look at the alternative namely Charlie and his violent past and his admission to drugs and said I don’t think so and left the custody arrangements as they are.  But while judges can be critical of those character flaws there are still thousands of dumb-dumbs out there that think Charlie is the bomb, despite the fact the guy is off his rocker.