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Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez: Dating! For Real!


Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevingne are making it official: They’re dating, and they are one hot lesbian couple who’s not afraid to flaunt it AND HARD. Michelle Rodriguez, Cara Delevingne Dating Michelle and Cara were seen leaving a London restaurant together last night, and to leave no doubts, before their date, Michelle make their status clear.

Kendall Jenner Hangs with Anna Wintour: Will She Pose in Vogue?


Following Kendall Jenner exposing her boobs on the New York Fashion Week runway last Thursday, Kim Kardashian Tweeted that she was the “proudest sister ever.” But we wonder what kind of reaction Kim will have if Kendall’s modeling career continues to ascend in a certain direction. Jenner’s selfies appeared on the Vogue website the day after her runway debut, as she modeled just-off-the-rack designs

Justin Bieber to Be Charged with CRIMINAL ASSAULT in Canada


On the same day his lawyer entered a plea of not guilty for last Thursday’s DUI arrest, news has broken that Justin Bieber will soon be charged with criminal assault for an incident that took place last month in December. Here is what we know at this time: Justin Bieber – “Confident” (Music Video) While riding inside a limousine last month, some sort of altercation took place between Bieber’s entourage and the vehicle’s driver.