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Lindsay Lohan Sued For Stealing "Virtual Closet" App


Lindsay Lohan loves to steal things, but because she’s a drunken freckle monster and not a Bond villain, her burglary career has thus far been limited to things she can stuff in her purse, and she’s been sadly left out of the hot new trend of cyber crime. Well, not anymore

Lindsay Lohan to Work With Fifty Shades of Grey Author on Sexy Memoir?


If the Lindsay Lohan sex list taught us anything, it’s that LiLo isn’t exactly shy about sharing the details of her love life with the world. But as much as she loves attention, Linds is now looking to get paid actual dollars (or “party straws” as she calls them) to continue spilling the beans about the many famous men she’s slept with.

Lindsay Lohan Shows Cleavage, Desperation on Instagram


The Lindsay Lohan bikini photos from last week showed the “actress” looking as though she was several months pregnant with an unwanted booze baby. Since then, Lindsay has been posting constant selfies, and attempting to mold her various sags and protrusions into something that might pass for a human female form.

Lindsay Lohan’s Lawyering Up — Only This Time, She’s Not The One In Trouble!

Lindsay Lohan is suing the creators of the Grand Theft Auto video game franchise claiming that the fifth and latest installment used her image and made her into a character without her permission! Why that’s as morally ambiguous as using cheat codes! Lilo filed the lawsuit today in Liberty CIty…uh, we mean, Manhattan against Take-Two Interactive Software Inc., who has declined to comment!

Jason Biggs on Tara Reid’s Body: WTH is Going on There?


Jason Biggs may have starred opposite Tara Reid in American Pie, but let’s just say the actor wouldn’t stick his You Know What Into her You Know Where these days. Appearing on Joan Rivers’ Internet show this week, Biggs was asked to choose between Reid and Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan: Still Cracked Out in London


Lindsay Lohan loves getting drunk in London, and several weeks into her overseas bender, she shows no signs of slowing down. Last night, Lindsay went out partying with Sienna Miller and Kate Moss (who of course kept their distance when the paparazzi showed up), and well, we think these photos speak for themselves: Lindsay Lohan Clubbing in London Photos 1