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Lindsay Lohan’s Bad Girl Antics Cause Elle Indonesia’s Editor To Call Her A B*tch On Last Night’s Lindsay! WATCH!

There are only two more episodes left of Lindsay Lohan’s OWN reality series… And this one was definitely not lacking action, seemingly jam-packed with magazine drama! Last night, Lindz continued to shed light on her unprofessional behavior—when she didn’t show up for a scheduled fashion shoot with Elle Indonesia, causing fashion editor Anindita Saryuf to call her a b*tch behind her back!

Lindsay Lohan Fires Personal Assistant Due to Financial Woes


Lindsay Lohan’s sex list may be growing every day, but it seems her bank account is shrinking by the second. First came news that she fired her sober coach shortly after finishing filming her OWN network reality show and today the Lohan staff has shrunk even further as Linds canned her personal assistant because she lacked the funds to continue paying him

Lindsay Lohan: "Very Close" to Drinking Again


Lindsay Lohan’s OWN network series (the creatively-titled “Lindsay”) has been mostly a carefully orchestrated BS-fest, but on occasion, the actress/professional trainwreck lets her guard down. Lindsay Lohan: “Close” to Drinking Again On last night’s episode, for example, Lindsay admitted she’s basically teetering on the brink of a relapse at all times

Mean Girls Reunion: Coming in 2014!


Those who saw Lindsay Lohan on the Tonight Show the other night may have heard her talk of a Mean Girls reunion, and amazingly, she wasn’t full of crap. This year is the 10th anniversary of the film’s release, and writer Tina Fey (maybe you’ve heard of her) has been pushing for a reunion event of some kind. Mean Girls Cast Then & Now: Cautionary Tale To commemorate the occasion, she’s been wrangling the entire Mean Girls cast over the last month to put something together, and LiLo was the last to know