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Kendall Jenner Cornrows Pic Tweeted by Marie Claire, At Center of Race Debate


Kendall Jenner may not be posing in underwear in the following photos, but she’s still stirring up controversy. The 18-year old was recently photographed in cornrows by Marie Claire, which proceeded to Tweet the following picture of the reality star and include with it a caption that describes the look at “epic” and “bold.” Of course, donning cornrows is neither epic nor bold for many in the African-American community… and they let the magazine hear it via Twitter soon after the image went viral. “Why don’t you go to an elementary school with black girls & tell me once again how Kendall Jenner started cornrows as a trend?,” wrote one user, while another added: “Bold.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner Mock Kimye Vogue Cover: Sorry, Kim!


Not long after the Kim Kardashian Vogue cover went viral, Seth Rogan and James Franco did what they do best: They parodied the spread with a Photoshopped cover of their own. That was to be expected of the same duo that made out with each other and straddled a motorcycle when mocking Kimye’s Bound 2 video a few months earlier, though. But we’re guessing Kim didn’t expect to be mocked by her own blood

Remember When Kim Kardashian "Borrowed" Kylie Jenner’s Bikini? Well, Kylie Has Something To Say About That…

Oh, Kylie Jenner, you should’ve kissed that sweet bikini goodbye when Kim Kardashian got ahold of it! Last week, Kim K borrowed one of her youngest sister’s bikini when the girls went to Miami and while both ladies looked absolutely stunning, Kylie revealed how the situation went down. The youngest Jenner dished: “She walked into my room in Miami and was like, ‘Oh my god, I don’t have a bathing suit, Can I borrow one?’ Cut to thirty minutes later, I walk in on her taking selfies and she’s like, ‘Yeah, you’re not getting it back.’” Say WHAT?

Kylie Jenner Bikini Selfie: Just Stop Already!


Kylie Jenner is back in a bikini. And back to posing for photos that makes us feel dirty just for being a part of the Internet. Just a few days after becoming the latest member of Reality TV’s First Family to post a butt selfie on Instagram, the 16-year old is standing with two scantily-clad friends and showing some serious skin