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Kylie Jenner: Coping With Her Parents Divorce By Working On Her Debut Album?


Last week we learned that Kylie Jenner wants to be the “next Katy Perry.” Sources claimed she was throwing herself into writing and recording new music and demonstrating the sort of work ethic that her family isn’t exactly well-known for. At first, it was reported that Kylie’s commitment to music was a result of her envy over she sister Kendall’s modeling career. Now, however, it seems she’s been inspired by family turmoil of a different nature

Kylie Jenner Has Had MULTIPLE Plastic Surgeries, Doctor Claims


The debate over whether or not Kylie Jenner has had plastic surgery has been going on for months with no conclusive answers. While she’s never admitted it, it’s clear from her photos that Kylie’s had lip injections. Botox doesn’t qualify as “surgery,” however, and we may never know for sure if Kylie’s changing face is the result adolescence or top doctors

Kylie Jenner Poses in Crop Top and Ripped Jeans, Reflects on "The Other Night"


Kylie Jenner took to Instagram to share a sexy photo of herself in a crop top and ripped jeans ensemble, though by her current standards it’s quite tame. The 17-year-old’s edgy outfit still showed off plenty of her long, toned legs as well as her midriff as she captioned the stylish shot, “the other night.” The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star also recently shared a close-up selfie of herself in tears, with the caption, “but when we’re good, we’re really good.” In that Insta-glamor shot, the brunette teenager pouts her lips, arches her eyebrows, holds her hand up to her face and generally emotes pretty hard. Shortly after she posted it, we learned that Jaden Smith loves Kylie Jenner, which may believed to be a tacit admission that those two are an item.

Kylie Jenner Lip Injection Debate Re-Ignites With New Instagram Photo


Has Kylie Jenner had plastic surgery? It’s a question that’s been debated since back in March when a plastic surgeon who had never treated or even met Kylie tossed some wild speculation at In Touch: “Her face has changed,” said the surgeon. “Considering the work her sister’s have had done, I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s had some work done.” Harsh words from a medical professional