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People Will Pay Money to Call Danielle Staub

What do a former Real-Housewife-turned-stripper , an ex-Charlie Sheen play thing and someone who had sex with Hugh Hefner have in common? They can all be found at Dial-A-Star! Yes, this new service gives regular folks the chance to speak with Z-listers such as Danielle Staub, Capri Anderson and Crystal Harris on the phone, for as low as $10/minute! According to founder Gina Rodriguez, the celebrities are in charge of their rate and no one is doing better than Staub, who has reportedly raked in $1,000 in an hour.

Porn Star Capri Anderson Wants Her Revenge by Roasting Charlie Sheen

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If you remember Charlie Sheen’s infamous hotel meltdown last year, you would definitely remember the name Capri Anderson- the porn star, who was allegedly beaten up and strangulated by an intoxicated Sheen. At first, she didn’t press charges against the former “Two and a Half Men” superstar, but after cooking it it for over a month and watching the media go crazy over the incident, she decided to cash in and dragged Sheen to the court. But Sheen filed a counter lawsuit and when the dust settled, Anderson had nothing to show for it

Bree Olson: New Charlie Sheen Porn Star, Play Thing


Breaking, shocking news out of Las Vegas, readers: Charlie Sheen has been spotted drunk! With porn stars by his side! A source tells Radar Online that the actor is ” out of control again,” as he spent the last couple days with a “revolving door” of adult movie actresses in his hotel room at The Palms. “Charlie is partying hard. This looks like New York all over again,” said an insider, referencing Sheen’s infamous October evening with Capri Anderson

Police to Question Denise Richards Over Alleged Charlie Sheen Harrassment


Even in divorce, Denise Richards can’t get away from the mayhem Charlie Sheen leaves in his drunken wake. Because the actor’s ex-wife was actually present at dinner on the night Sheen allegedly went ballistic and eventually threatened the life of Capri Anderson – the porn star has said Richards left when she saw the evening turning into a night of “floozies” – police have contacted the actress. Richards was also sleeping in the Plaza Hotel room across from her ex when cops arrived on the scene.

Charlie Sheen Sues Capri Anderson For Extortion

(HMG Celebrity News) – When you have more money than you know what to with, it not only keeps you out of prison, it pretty much allows you to go after anyone who messes with you. After Capri Anderson appeared on Good Morning America to tell her side of the story, she filed a criminal complaint against Charlie Sheen. The Two and a Half Men actor, quickly responded to Anderson’s interview through his manager first, who told TMZ, “This is a woman, who for the right amount of money, sleeps with strangers.” Perhaps true, but then again that’s the way Charlie seems to like them.

Capri Anderson Describes Slur-Filled, Violent Night with Charlie Sheen


For the first time she spent a night in New York City with Charlie Sheen last month, Capri Anderson is speaking out. The porn star has given an interview to ABC – part of which will air today on Good Morning America and more later on Nightline – in which she says the evening “got really bad toward the end of the night.” Anderson says her date was “very loud” from the outset and “had no hesitations when it came to using derogatory language or cuss words.” She goes on to mention “racial slurs” uttered by Sheen, one of many charges levied against the actor from October 25.

Charlie Sheen’s porn star date Capri Anderson gets “Good Morning America” interview

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TMZ (HMG Celebrity News) – Well it’s lets reward a porn star who had the good luck and bad fortune to pick up Charlie Sheen, with some more publicity time.   According to TMZ sources, Capri is taping her side of the story of what went down that fateful night today, accompanied by high-powered attorney Keith Davidson.  The segment will likely air Monday morning  and according to the same sources, Capri will paint a picture that is much more violent than what has been reported so far. It’s been previously reported that Sheen threatened Capri and kept her in the NY hotel suite against her will after the “Two and a Half Men” star allegedly went on a booze and cocaine rampage when he couldn’t find his wallet and cell phone. Capri, 22, cowered naked in the suite’s bathroom as the naked actor reportedly ranted incoherently while busting a chair and knocking over a table

Porn star Capri Anderson wants the 12K owed for sex with Charlie Sheen

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TMZ (HMG Celebrity News) – Reading between RadarOnline and TMZ’s account of Charlie Sheen’s drunken rampage at a New York hotel with porn star Capri Anderson, there are a few interesting differences, but perhaps they are just pieces of the same puzzle.  Both do agree that Anderson vehemently denies the implications she is a hooker or escort, and both imply she may have stolen from Charlie, ultimately setting him off.  TMZ insists Charlie’s alcohol fueled rampage was all about a $150,000 (part of his multi-million dollar collection) that went missing. While Radar claims (short version) that Sheen was supposed to pay Anderson $12,000 for the night of sex, but when he couldn’t find his wallet he flipped out and trashed his Plaza Hotel suite in a coke-fueled frenzy, accusing the pretty porn actress of lifting it.  By the time cops were called to the hotel, Sheen was naked and frothing, and they were forced to throw a sheet on the “Two and a Half Men” star before tackling him, police sources said.  That had to be a sight to see! As we previously reported via TMZ, Anderson is threatening to spill the beans to Colorado prosecutors in a bid to get his assault probation revoked. And in Radar’s version, Anderson is mostly mad because Sheen never paid her.