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Law & Order’s Estella Warren in rehab, faces DUI charges

Law & Orders Estella Warren in rehab, faces DUI chargesIn a story that’s all too familiar among those in the limelight we regret to report that actress and one-time model Estella Warren has now checked into rehab.

On May 24th the 32-year old Canadian native, best known for roles in ‘That ’70s Show’ and ‘Law & Order’ allegedly hit three parked cars with her Toyota Prius, then drove away. Later found by Police, Estella reportedly kicked one of the officers while being arrested and even tried to escape from the police station while being booked for DUI.

Now safely housed in a rehab facility Warren is required to wear a SCRAM bracelet that can detect alcohol and her lawyer says she’s determined to make things right.

“She wants to prove she isn’t drinking,” Darren Kavinoky told reporters. “She’s committed to making the situation right and moving on. She’s more than accepting. She’s embracing the personal opportunities that came from this.”

Estella was supposed to face a Judge on Friday to enter a plea but she failed to appear. The court date has now been reset for July 15, during which time Kavinoky is hoping he and the prosecutors can work something out.

With a previous DUI conviction already on file from 2007 Warren now faces charges of DUI, hit-and-run, battery on a police officer and resisting. She could serve six months to two years in jail if convicted.

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Law & Order’s Estella Warren in rehab, faces DUI charges