Katy Perry Rejects American Idol

With seemingly every artist having been connected to the open American Idol Season 12 judging spots over the last couple weeks, we can cross one name off the list:

Katy Perry.

Sources tell TMZ the singer turned down an offer from the Fox competition this week. A $20 million offer, that is.

Katy Perry Photograph

Why would Perry reject such a massive payday? Insiders cite her busy schedule and also her belief that it simply wouldn’t have been the proper career decision.

So, who does this leave as a possible partner for Mariah Carey? Who doesn’t it leave?!?

Everyone from Lenny Kravitz to Keith Urban to Kanye West to Nicki Minaj have been considered for the gig, with the latter rapper seemingly on the verge of signing a deal.

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Katy Perry Rejects American Idol