Justin Bieber’s mom on Playboy hit-list?

Justin Bieber and mom Pattie Lynn Malette[HMG] – In news that should make any sentient being’s skin crawl enough to exit the room, it’s being reported via blogger ZackTaylor, that the mother of teen singing sensation, Justin Bieber has been offered her own spread in Playboy.

34-year old Pattie Lynn Mallette, who had Justin at the age of 18 and raised him alone, has been offered $50,000 to pose for the magazine – but the pictures might only be topless.

In a month that has already seen her son facing bizarre accusations of having both sexual organs, carrying at least one sexually-transmitted disease and even being dead, this cannot be good news for the Canadian crooner.

It would, however, provide a wonderful chance to learn whether Justin’s ‘baked meringue’ hairstyle is a family trait.

Latest reports seem to indicate that Pattie will, in fact be declining the offer if it was ever made. But we’ll keep you advised…

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Justin Bieber’s mom on Playboy hit-list?